最初のプログラムとして "Hello, world." は適切か?



 * PEAR, the PHP Extension and Application Repository
 * PEAR class and PEAR_Error class
 * PHP versions 4 and 5
 * LICENSE: This source file is subject to version 3.0 of the PHP license
 * that is available through the world-wide-web at the following URI:
 * http://www.php.net/license/3_0.txt.  If you did not receive a copy of
 * the PHP License and are unable to obtain it through the web, please
 * send a note to license@php.net so we can mail you a copy immediately.
 * @category   pear
 * @package    PEAR
 * @author     Sterling Hughes <sterling@php.net>
 * @author     Stig Bakken <ssb@php.net>
 * @author     Tomas V.V.Cox <cox@idecnet.com>
 * @author     Greg Beaver <cellog@php.net>



    * If you have a class that's mostly/entirely static, and you need static
    * properties, you can use this method to simulate them. Eg. in your method(s)               
    * do this: $myVar = &PEAR::getStaticProperty('myclass', 'myVar');
    * You MUST use a reference, or they will not persist!
    * @access public
    * @param  string $class  The calling classname, to prevent clashes
    * @param  string $var    The variable to retrieve.
    * @return mixed   A reference to the variable. If not set it will be
    *                 auto initialised to NULL.
    function &getStaticProperty($class, $var)